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Antique Appraisal in San Antonio, TX

Appraisals & Estates by June Hayes & Associates is experienced, knowledgeable and qualified to present cogent conclusions of value of your special treasures. The firm is a member of a professional appraisal organization, has demonstrated competency in valuing the various types of properties appraised, exceeds the minimum educational and experience requirements and is involved in regularly preparing appraisal reports for which the firm is paid. Referrals for Appraisals & Estates by June Hayes & Associates are available.

We advocate for your property. If your heirloom once belonged to Marie Antoinette or Mary Anthony, we’ll tell you. The set of marble bookends you acquired at an antique store in Italy years ago may Not have come from the chips of Michelangelo’s David. It is what it is, as of a date and time certain, not what you think it could, would or should be!

Appraisal requires specialized knowledge to achieve an honest, accurate value. Art can be over or under valued and an accredited, ethical appraiser is essential when you consider sale or purchase. It is also for situations such as inheritance, divorce, estate evaluation, insurance, and donations. Insurance companies, banks, moving and storage companies, galleries, auction houses and individuals are among those requesting appraisals.

An appraisal reflects the estimated market value of the item and is a valuation based upon visual examination of the subject’s surface. It is not a positive authentication which cannot be accomplished without scientific tests utilizing equipment and procedures. However, Tony will make a recommendation whether or not the art is worthy of official appraisal.

When requesting an appraisal, plan to have several important pieces of information. This could include the purpose of the appraisal such as insurance or donation; the nature of the work such as painting on canvas, paper, or wood; and details about the art such as the artist and date of the work. This information would include the provenance (the financial and physical history) of the item. We also offer Silver Appraisal.

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