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Providing specialized knowledge with advanced technology to achieve an honest, accurate value. June Hayes & Associates is a full-service company specializing in estate sales and appraisal services. Our clients include attorneys, insurance agencies, retiring shop owners, and private citizens.

appraisal companyPersonal property appraisal is an essential part of buying or managing art, antiques, and vintage furniture. It’s not always easy to determine exactly how much an antique or piece of art is worth. There may be many costs (and benefits) that are not immediately obvious.

Whether you are buying or selling, it’s always a good idea to get in touch with an appraisal company.

Appraisals may also be used for the purposes of litigation support. A personal property appraiser will be able to offer consulting services that are considered valid in civil court.

The appraisal report prepared by Appraisals & Estates by June Hayes & Associates is the palpable product of academic expertise, professionalism in the field, knowledge of the current standards, current market trends, regulations and ability, performed with due diligence to create a substantive and credible, legal document.

Appraisal reports prepared by Appraisals & Estates by June Hayes & Associates allows an unknowledgeable person to follow the appraiser in the valuation process, presented in an articulate, reasonable and logical manner.

For the best Appraisal Company in San Antonio, TX call Appraisals & Estates by June Hayes & Associates today! As your local premier Appraisal Company, we specialize in: Estate Liquidator, Estate Sales, Antique Appraisal, and Personal Property Appraisal.


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